* col-lab-o-rate


verb \kə- ‘la-bə – ə -.rāt\intransitive verb

~to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

~to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.

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  • Solar

    Please call us to learn more about our innovative solar design for schools or other public entities. Click here to see more information on our system.

  • Residential Design Services — 'Pay What You Can Afford'

    Bartos Architecture is pleased to offer "pay what you can afford" design services for low income residents living in the city of San Mateo.


    Looking for a kitchen remodel, new roof or improved landscaping? Please call Mark Bartos at 650.350.1221 to discuss how we can assist you through the Design and Construction process.

  • Seeking DVBE Firms

    Bartos Architecture is seeking DVBE consulting firms interested in working with us as an engineering consultant for appropriate projects.


    Please call Mark Bartos at 650.340.1221

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We collaborate with our clients, consultants and colleagues.


We advocate for the public, our clients, and the profession of Architecture.


We research in support of design. We believe that the best designs are discovered.


We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.


Please call us for more information regarding our custom project archive services.

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Utilized for Consultant and Client Collaboration.

We provide FTP file access to our clients and consultants via our collaboration site.

Please contact your Project Manager or Project Architect to obtain a username and password.

If you have any difficulties connecting to the collaboration server, please e-mail webmaster@bartosarchitecture.com.

FTP Access

If you wish to access many files, or if you need to upload files to our server, you will need to use FTP.

Although most web browsers have an FTP client built-in, they are not generally compatible with our server. You may wish to download a free FTP client such as Filezilla to access the site.

Alternatively, if you are on a Windows system, you can set up a "Network Place" to access the site. This will allow you to access the collaboration site as if it were another drive on your computer.

Go to Start > My Computer, and you should find My Network Places on the left sidebar. Click that and then click on Add a network place. When Windows prompts you for the name of the FTP site, include your username in the address as follows:


For FTP access:


(See instructions at left if your browser returns a "500 Unknown Command" error)