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Proposition 1D and the CTEFP

In 2006 the voters of the state of California Passed Statewide School Facilities Bond Measure Proposition 1D. Proposition 1D included $500,000.000.00 set aside for modernization/reconfiguration and new construction of Career Technical Education Facilities.


Unlike the State Facility Program (SFP) which is based on student population and age buildings, the CTEFP program is a competitive grant program.


For a flow chart of the process for applying for CTEFP funds, click this link.  This is an example, as the date for filing has already passed.


Roots of Vocational Education

No number of object-lessons, got up as object-lessons for the sake of giving information, can afford even the shadow of a substitute for acquaintance with the plants and animals of the farm and garden acquired through actual living among them and caring for them. No training of sense-organs in school, introduced for the sake of training, can begin to compete with the alertness and fullness of sense-life that comes through daily intimacy and interest in familiar occupations. Verbal memory can be trained in committing tasks, a certain discipline of the reasoning powers can be acquired though lessons in science and mathematics; but, after all, this is somewhat remote and shadowy compared with the training of attention and of judgment that is acquired in having to do things with a real motive behind and a real outcome ahead.

From the School and Society, by John Dewey

Recommended Reading

The School and Society

John Dewey

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert Pirsig

Shopcraft as Soul Craft

Matthew Crawford

Entrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America's Future,

Ro Khanna

Piner High School Geospatial Technology Program

An eample of our services and client advocy is the Piner High School Geospation Technology Program (GTP)




CTEFP Resources

CTEFP Grant Application Guidelines

OPSC 50-10 Application

Text of AB 127

Relevant Education Code Sections

Bartos Architecture CTEFP Process Flow Chart

CTE Curriculum Standards

Career Technical Education Framework for California
Public Schools

For examples of project Applications and Education Plans developed by Bartos Architecture, please call 650-340-1221 or e-mail mb@bartosarchitecture.com

Agriculture and Natural Resources Industry Sector

A. Agricultural Business Pathway

B.  Agricultural Mechanics Pathway

C. Agriscience Pathway

D. Animal Science Pathway

E. Forestry and Natural Resources Pathway

F. Ornamental Horticulture Pathway

G. Plant and Soil Science Pathway


Arts. Media, and Entertainment Industry Sector

A. Media and Design Arts Pathway

B. Performing Arts Pathway

C. Production and Managerial Arts Pathway


Building Trades and Construction Industry Sector

A. Cabinetmaking and Wood Products Pathway

B. Engineering and Heavy Construction Pathway

C. Mechanical Construction Pathway

D. Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway


Education, Child Development, and Family Services Industry Sector

A. Child Development Pathway

B. Consumer Services Pathway

C. Education Pathway

D. Family and Human Services Pathway


Energy and Utilities Industry Sector

A. Electromechanical Installation and Maintenance Pathway

B. Energy and Environmental Technology Pathway

C. Public Utilities Pathway

D. Residential and Commercial Energy and Utilities Pathway


Engineering and Design Industry Sector

A. Architectural and Structural Engineering Pathway

B. Computer Hardware, Electrical, and Networking Pathway Engineering

C. Engineering Design Pathway

D. Engineering Technology Pathway

E. Environmental and Natural Science Engineering Pathway


Fashion and Interior Design Industry Sector

A. Fashion Design, Manufacturing, and Merchandising Pathway

B. Interior Design, Furnishings, and Maintenance Pathway


Finance and Business Industry Sector

A. Accounting Services Pathway

B. Banking and Related Services Pathway

C. Business Financial Management Pathway


Health Science and Medical Technology Industry Sector

A. Biotechnology Research and Development Pathway

B. Diagnostic Services Pathway

C. Health Informatics Pathway

D. Support Services Pathway

E. Therapeutic Services Pathway


Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry Sector

A. Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition Pathway

B. Food Service and Hospitality Pathway

C. Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway


Information Technology Industry Sector

A. Information Support and Services Pathway

B. Media Support and Services Pathway

C. Network Communications Pathway

D. Programming and Systems Development Pathway


Manufacturing and Product Development Industry Sector

A. Graphic Arts Technology  Pathway

B. Integrated Graphics Technology Pathway

C. Machine and Forming Technology Pathway

D. Welding Technology Pathway


Marketing, Sales, and Service Industry Sector

A. E-commerce Pathway

B. Entrepreneurship Pathway

C. International Trade Pathway

D. Professional Sales and Marketing Pathway


Public Services Industry Sector

A. Human Services Pathway

B. Legal and Government Services Pathway

C. Protective Services Pathway


Transportation Industry Sector

A. Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair Pathway?

B. Aviation and Aerospace Transportation Services Pathway

C. Collision Repair and Refinishing Pathway

The California CTE Sectors & Pathways



Bartos Architecture CTEFP Services

Bartos Architecture is a premier experts on the CTEFP program in the State of California.


We provide the following assistance

• Grant Applications

• Project Designs

• Project Cost Estimates

• Process applications client advocacy throughout the process

• Assist with Development of CTE Plans (see examples here)


We have assisted school districts on over 20 CTEFP applications - related to approximately $30 Million dollars in rants or $60 million in total projects. Our knowledge of this popular program is second to none.





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