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California Department of Education (CDE)
The California Department of Education (CDE) provides a nexus between pedagogy and the facilities needed to support learning... Learn more here.


As consultants dedicated to working with state agencies on behalf of our clients, we ensure that we steadfastly advocate for the best interests of our clients.

As politics evolve and politically appointed government officials rotate in an out of various leadership positions, the related staffing and philosophical intent of agencies tends to follow the political "winds".

We strive to remind the staff/administrators we work with of the intent of the voters of the state of California and the actual language of approved statutes and regulations affecting our school districts and our client's ability to access state funds for facilities.

Office of Public School Construction (OPSC)
The California Office of Public School Construction (OPSC)  provides oversight of the State Facilities Program funding process.

Lease Purchase Program (projects prior to 1998 / sfp)

State Facilities Program

• New Construction Funding

• Modernization Funding

• AB 300 Seismic Safety Funding

• Deferred Maintenance Program

• Extreme Hardship Deferred Maintenance Program

• Career Technical Education Facilities Program


CEC (California Energy Commission) to take the lead in implementation of Proposition 39 in consultation with CDE


The Office of Public School Construction has required School Districts / Architects to utilize Lee Saylor as the primary source for cost estimates related to school facilities.

We are interested in any feedback from professionals in the industry or in state agencies as to the background for this selection. We so far been unable to locate or determine any history of  a competitive  request for qualifications or proposals in the past in order to select Saylor as a sole source. Please e-mail us if you have any information as to the original selection process.

Cost Estimating Basics

Direct Construction costs (Typically referred to as "Hard Costs" are related to the items that one can "touch". In other words the "product". Thus Direct Construction cost includes the cost incurred by a General Contractor to manage its subcontractors. Thus Direct Construction Cost includes a contractor's overhead and profit.

Indirect Construction Costs (typically referred to as "Soft Costs" are related to the professional services related to defining the "product" or items you can touch. (You can't "touch" indirect costs, therefore Furniture for example would be a Direct (yet often peripheral) / "hard" cost.

Design Contingency is a contingency pre-construction AND pre completion of design. This contingency begins as a larger percentage at the beginning of the design process and reduces as the project program and design become more clearly defined.  Wehn a project is ready for competitive bidding, the Design Contingency should be reduced to 0.

Construction Contingency is a contingency utlizied during construction to cover various issues. These issues include unknown and unforeseen conditions, issues related to the impossibility of providing a 100% fool proof set of documents (i.e. within the Designer's standard of care), changes requested by the owner (e.g. scope changes due to evolution of the client's needs).




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