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We collaborate with our clients, consultants and colleagues.


We advocate for the public, our clients, and the profession of Architecture.


We research in support of design. We believe that the best designs are discovered.


We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.


Working with school districts improving facilities for students satisfies our greatest desire to make the world a better place.

Thus our primary focus is on California School Facilities. We provide full service Architecture, Construction Management, and Program Management services.

With our full service model, use of third-party Construction Managers is generally not necessary, leading to significant overall project savings.

Our specialty is K-12 educational facilities. We provide unique services to California School Districts. Our services range from very small to very large project sizes. We provide traditional design services as well as a full range of Program Management and Construction Management services. We are especially adept at navigating the various agencies and related requirements for public school facilities.

We have developed millions of dollars of funding applications (typically done by a separate grant writer) for which we have served as the primary grant writer, designer, agency consultant, and construction manager. We follow our projects from conception through completion.

Our K-12 “Cafeteria” of School Facilities Consulting Services to California School Districts in the following areas:

California School Facilities Program Services (CDE/OPSC)


Modernization &  New Construction Funding


Career Technical Education Facility Program applications


Deferred Maintenance Program Five year planning


Extreme Hardship Deferred Maintenance Applications



Studies matching project goals and expected costs with budgetary resources and desired schedule and results.



Schematic Design

Design Development


Cost Estimating

Budgetary Estimates

Bid Day Estimates


Procurement Methods

Traditional Design Bid Build

Informal Bidding Act

Design Build

Lease Lease Back

Master Planning


Program development/

Campus Master Planning



Cost Estimates and Budgeting

Resource identification



Master Schedules/Project Phasing



Landscape Projects

Sports fields, Parking, quads, etc


Bidding Services

Bid Advertisements

Contractor pre-qualification

Pre-proposal site walks

Addenda Administration

Bid Openings

Contract Drafts

Bond Verification


Construction Period Services

Construction Meetings

Requests for Information

Supplemental Instructions

Schedule Analysis

Change Order Analysis

Logistics and Move-In Coordination


Division of the State Architect

Traditional DSA services

Special DSA consultation and planning for special problems

Project Closeout and certification services


Project Closeout

Punch list / Substantial Completion Review



Additional Services

Graphic Design

Web Archive Services

Peer Review




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