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* col-lab-o-rate


verb \kə- ‘la-bə – ə -.rāt\intransitive verb

~to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

~to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.



We collaborate with our clients, consultants and colleagues.


We advocate for the public, our clients, and the profession of Architecture.


We research in support of design. We believe that the best designs are discovered.


We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.


INTERN PROGRAM at the Bartos School of Architecture


Bartos Architecture is proud to provide an intern program for both college and high school students. Our program allows students to discover if they are interested in Architecture and allows those who already know their destiny to begin their apprenticeship. If you are interested please call us at 650-340-1221


Our Educational program this summer includes a series of classic "rooftop" movies, an opera, a baseball game, a Shakespeare play, visits to various museums and buildings, and construction site tours all capped off with a summer oceanside barbecue.

• Drawing a 3D model of a significant historic building,

• Provide a  presentation on an historical period

• Sketch day every Friday

• Assigned to a staff member to shadow their work day and to assist with the work.

• All interns will participate in our hand lettering competition to win a $500 prize.



• Enthusiasm and Decorum

• No Ear-buds/head phones to be worn in the office

• No "sagging" pants or baseball hats to be worn in the office

• No use of smart-phones (texting or other wise) while in person meetings with other staff

• No computer gaming, or web surfing unrelated to work assignments

This year were proud to have the following young talent on board

College Interns


Adam Klafter, College Intern

"the Healing Power of Klafter"

Adam is a senior at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco as an Interior Design Student.

Philip Thomas

Philip is a freshman at the College of San Mateo. He recently graduated from Hillsdale High School.





Simon Bartos, Senior Intern

Simon is a sophomore at San Mateo High School. He has been assisting at Bartos Architecture since its founding in 2008.

Jean Han, HS Intern

Ji Eun is a Junior at Lick Wilmerding in San Francisco.



Mia Sasaki, HS Intern 
Mia is a Senior at Carlmont High School

Martin Vides, "Jefe Número 2"
Martin is our best bud and is a Sophomore at Helen Bernstein School in Los Angeles and hopes to be a great Architect one day!

Becoming an Architect
Architects design buildings. Architects do NOT design wars, or political campaigns or software. Architects make the world better.

Only those individuals licensed by the State of California may use the title "Architect". Therefore all "Architects" are licensed.

To become an Architect generally requires a professional degree in Architecture (5 year bachelor's degree or a 1, 2 or 3 year master's degree)  --- or 8 years of post secondary education and/or work experience as evaluated by the California Architect's Board.

This includes at least one year of work experience under the direct supervision of an architect licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction

Completion of the Intern Development Program

Successful completion of the 7 division (formerly 9) Architect Registration Examination

Successful completion of the California Supplemental Examination

The Bartos Architecture Intern program is a beginning  in a student's journey towards becoming an Architect.

Check here for more information on  Becoming an Architect

Opera: Cosi Fan Tutti

Baseball: Giants vs Dodgers

New Bay Bridge Tour


Legion of Honor, San Francisco


Love What You Do

The Truth

We DO NOT recommend Architecture as a profession that will promise an individual economic rewards commensurate with the time and cost of the education, experience and testing needed in order to be come an Architect. There are certainly many other career paths available that will take less commitment and will provide a greater economic return on your personal investment. Consider the Law for example. If one is interested in Architecture and decides to make a go of it - it should be because of an abiding desire to create Architecture for the pure joy of it. But if the goal is to "make money" --- pursue something else.






High School Interns

Maybe...we'll do movies in the fall

Our Program Schedule

Pay Back

We owe the next generation of Architects the opportunity to apprentice and learn. Others helped us along the way --- and thus we must pass it on...

Dave Karp, Architect,
Guest Lecturer

Exploratorium, San Francisco

Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland

Henry V, Shakespeare Santa Cruz