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* col-lab-o-rate


verb \kə- ‘la-bə – ə -.rāt\intransitive verb

~to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

~to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.



We collaborate with our clients, consultants and colleagues.


We advocate for the public, our clients, and the profession of Architecture.


We research in support of design. We believe that the best designs are discovered.


We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.



Why do we care about our local community?

We are not "big box"  Architects - but we do everything that big box firms do - but with greater humanity and attention to detail.

This struggle is also true of our local cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, bookshops and toy stores as well.

We support local businesses because we understand the struggle they go through to survive.

We believe it's better for the world when we share our earnings with local businesses who in turn put their energy back in to
our community.

We can't separate ourselves from the global community. In fact we love the global community in which we live. We are all culturally and spiritually richer because of our global interconnectedness.

Yet...we participate in this world with a conscience. It is almost impossible to avoid using plastic, driving a car, or buying goods with made by underpaid workers. So....we do what we can.

We Are Local

Our practice is composed of individuals living close to where we work. Most of us can walk to work. Its better for our own karma and better for the world.

We support and participate with our fellow locally owned businesses, our public schools, our cities, and more.

Café 400

Café 400 is owned by Amjad and his wife. "400" is located on the first floor of the building at the southwest corner of 4th and El Camino. They have fantastic breakfast and lunch fare. Every day they make something special.  When you get something at "400" you are helping to support Amjad's family.  If you mention "Bartos Architecture," they will give you a cup of coffee on us.


Fletch is a transplant from Chicago. His hot dogs are genuine Chicago style - which of course are the best in the world. Fletch is a Chicago Cubs fan - proving that it doesn't take a winning team to be happy. Fletch and his crew of folks will take care of you. They are located right next to the train tracks on 2nd Avenue across form Century Theaters.

Rave Burger

Gordon and his wife make the best burgers in town. They are always trying something new - and Gordon will ask you to try it out and give him your opinion. We met Gordon the year we were founded - and he is still going strong. We designed his signage and paint scheme. He paid us with all the burgers we could eat... They are still going strong. Rave is located on 3rd avenue between Ellsworth and B street.


This place serves the best steak in town and provide the best service in town. We have our annual holiday office celebration in their downstairs banquet room. Bruno, Steve and the staff will remember you and will make your visit
 memorable. They are located right next to the Ben Franklin Building on 3rd Avenue.

Trag's Market

Trag's is a San Mateo tradition and landmark. Its a locally owned and going strong. It's a neighborhood market serving both North Central and downtown San Mateo. Everyone at Trag's is friendly and cares about how things are going for you. They have everything that the other big stores have - but with a personality.

Talbot's Toyland

Another San Mateo tradition - one of the very few independent toy and hobby stores left. They have everything and more than you can find at a big box store. AND they are right downtown. Crafts, books, toys, bikes, model railroads, science kits, games, and more. Talbot's makes San Mateo a "real home town."

H&D is our favorite auto service shop. They take care of our personal vehicles and the “Bartos Architecture Fleet”. Steven is trusted and enthusiastic. Their service is absolutely second to none.  We trust them to take care of our vehicles. A long term client arrived at the office one evening for a meeting. He said “Mark I have to leave soon to take care of my car – I can’t stay long. We told our client to relax and while our meeting proceeded we had Steven come over to the office, get our clients vehicle and repair it while we had our meeting. At the end of the meeting we walked across the street and the car had been repaired and was waiting for our client to pick it up…” – this is representative of Steven’s service and the service we strive to provide for our clients.  You won’t get this type of service at the Costco or Walmart tire center…And at the mega-architecture firms, you’ will need a committee to approve the expenditure before you would be able to authorize a service station to do this work.

They're new address is at the corner of Norfolk and 3rd Avenue, one block east of 101.




Neighborhood Friends