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verb \kə- ‘la-bə – ə -.rāt\intransitive verb

~to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

~to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.


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Mark Bartos established Bartos Architecture as an independent practice after many years as part of Dreiling Terrones Bartos Architecture. This evolution came from a desire to focus his energy on Educational Facilities Architecture and Educational Facilities Consulting. In addition to the Collaborative Design process, Mark is a leader in Educational Facilities, Special Projects, Public Agency coordination, and Construction Administration. Mark is actively involved in a wide range of advocacy efforts related to public policy affecting public schools in California. His expertise extends beyond traditional design and management efforts and spans all aspects of the design and implementation of public projects, including: Development, Coordination and implementation of bond elections, Assembly and Coordination of complex program teams, California State funding Strategies and processes and Facilities Master Planning. Mark has a love for research and implementation of specialized services. He has developed and implemented strategies for complex, non–traditional and sometimes radical projects to achieve success where others may choose to avoid.

He navigates special challenges that result in making project components and typologies available to clients that exceed the usual boundaries for public facility design. As an advocate for the profession, Mark is especially dedicated to the development and encouragement of emerging professionals.

Mark serves on the AIA California Council Advocacy Advisory Committee where he participates in the AIACC’s efforts toward improving state governmental policies and legislation. He is currently President of the AIA San Mateo County Chapter.

Mark Bartos, Architect


• 30 years of overall professional experience in Architecture and Engineering

• Mid 1990s to Present: Specialization in K–12 Public School Design in California

Early 1990s: Projects ranging from Parking Structures, commercial to Historic Preservation.


• California, Architect License No. 24138

• National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certified (NCARB) No. 49534

• LEED® Accredited Professional

• EIT Illinois


• Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, (Structures and Construction Engineering): University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign | 1985

• Master of Architecture, University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign | 1991

Professional / Civic

• Former San Mateo County Design Review

• Former California Board of Architectural Examiners, Exam Commissioner

• American Institute of Architects California Council, Advocacy Advisory Committee

• AIA San Mateo County: President | 2012


• Co–Author, Coalition for Adequate School Housing’s Labor Compliance Program Best Practices Manual

• A High School Astronomical Observatory, Published in the AIASMC Charette Newsletter | Spring 2007


• American Institute of Architects (AIA)

• Coalition for Adequate School Housing

• Council of Educational Facilities Planners


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