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We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.


Single Family Residential Services

The services of an architect are not required in order to build or renovate a single family home in California. You can design your own residential project, have a contractor do it for you, or you may want to avail yourself of the services of an individual licensed to practice Architecture (an Architect). If so, we provide various service options.

Design Consultation

Development of design concepts. Typically in collaboration with homeowner.  This type of service can result in floor plans, building elevations, perspectives, and other key drawings. These documents will not be “buildable” but can be provided by the client to building designers or contractors who will then proceed with development of construction documents for building permit and other requirements.

Budgetary cost for these services is $175 per hour.

Building Permit Services

Development of construction documents (drawings) adequate to achieve building department approval.  These services are typically what a non-licensed individual/firm can provide – and our costs for these services will probably not be competitive with building designers or contractors. However if a client feels more comfortable using our technical staff to procure building permits we can do so.  We require that our liability for such services be limited.  As noted above, we can also recommend building designers or contractors for these services.

Budgetary cost for these services will cost 8 – 12 percent of a construction project cost.

Traditional Full Service Architecture

Schematic Design, Construction Documents, Specifications, Cost Estimates, Contractor Selection, Construction administration services. We will guide you through Planning Department/Commission submittals, building department submittals, contractor selection and the construction process. You will have an advisor on your side of the table, looking out for your interests throughout the entire process. This full range of services is traditionally what Architects provide – see the following link for more on the subject from the American Institute of Architects.

Budgetary costs for these services are 12 – 17 % of construction costs.


Residential Design Services — Pay What You Can Afford

Bartos Architecture is pleased to offer "Pay What You Can Afford" design services for low income residents living in the City of
San Mateo.

If you need to renovate your kitchen, a new roof, or improved landscaping, call Mark Bartos at 650-350-1221 to discuss how we can assist you through the Design and Construction process.


About What We Do...

We often are asked "What does it cost to make blueprints?" Our answer is that we don't make blueprints.  If you are in need of our consulting services, we can assist you hourly as you develop your overall concept and plan of action. We can help you to develop a vision for your project. Architects provide service. We provide advice. The paper on which we describe our ideas, service and advice are referred to as our "instruments of service". But we are not selling paper, or ink, or "blueprints".  We provide Ideas.




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