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* col-lab-o-rate


verb \kə- ‘la-bə – ə -.rāt\intransitive verb

~to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

~to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.



We collaborate with our clients, consultants and colleagues.


We advocate for the public, our clients, and the profession of Architecture.


We research in support of design. We believe that the best designs are discovered.


We educate our clients, the community, our profession, …and ourselves.


We make sustainability an integral a part of our practice.


Salvatore at Ristorante Di Rienzo, Rome, Italy -- In front of the Pantheon

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Salvatore inspired this page. We met him in Italy at the Restaurante Di Rienzo right in front of the Pantheon, during the Summer of 2012. Salvatore has been been entertaining and serving guests from around the world at this same location for over thirty years. His enthusiasm is mesmerizing.  He can serve a bottle of water with great elegance. With a flourish he twirls a bottle, opens it, and pours your water in a way that makes you feel that this is going to be the greatest glass of water you've ever had. We wanted to sit facing the Pantheon to sketch. Sensing our desire he moved some tables and chairs so we had the best seat in Rome. We loved his service so much that we went back three days in a row. He made a great tip for himself and even more for the restaurant. If you are in Rome, let Salvatore show you what life is all about.

Adrian at Nova Café, Rome, Italy - on the  Via Della Conciliazone

Adrian is an elegant professional waiter in Rome, at a cafe just down the street from the Vatican. This is probably just a stepping stone on the way to better things. We met Adrian in the sweltering summer of 2012. He charmed us and welcomed us into the cafe as we found respite inside the air conditioned paradise. Within minutes he made us feel at home and we learned much about each others lives. As we talked, we ordered more food and drinks. Nova Café serves travelers from around the world and are lucky to have him.

Alika at Bad Ass Coffee in Lahaina, Hawaii

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Alika, from Japan, loves to sell coffee for Bad Ass coffee in Lahaina, Mauii. He doesn't have to try to sell you stuff. His enthusiasm and love for his job is all that's necessary to get folks to spend a lot of money in his shop and to promise to come back. We will be back and I'm sure he will remember us. Because of Alika's charm - we are loyal Bad Ass Coffee customers.

Alice at Lahaina Printsellers, Lahaina, Hawaii, Whalers Village

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Alice isn't the owner. But she loves her job. Loves her clients. Makes her clients loyal repeat clients. Her love of maps is infectious. She notices you looking at maps and quickly assesses your interests. Where you are from, where you have been and where you might want to go. She shuffles through stacks of maps knowing exactly where that one map is that she knows you will love. She takes out the magnifying glass and brings you on a trip around the world through space and time. She brings Magellan and captain Cook and Vancouver and more all to life. Although we are on a little island in the Pacific Ocean, she will talk to you in detail about a map of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Paris or London. She truly is a resident of the planet. You have to be careful because regardless of how little money you might have or want to spend, she will have you buying more than you should. But she doesn't really care if you buy nothing and just look at the maps. She loves what she does and after you leave the shop you will think....boy oh boy what a cool job that must be...




An old friend taught us a lot about service. How to listen and how to care. He taught us how to work hard to make our clients' lives easier - - the "soft sell" in other words. Simply showing that you love what you are doing perhaps makes all the difference. A key criteria for selection of our staff is their enthusiasm towards the work we do.

Enthusiasm for one's endeavors seems like something that is hard to find in today's world. The search for the easy dollar so that one can retire early, or pursuing  a life of comfort is more common today.  The new Silicon Valley paradigm is... Work hard for a few years, make your millions and retire.  For us, the journey is our destination.

As long as our clients will have us, we will be enthusiastic, enjoy, and love what we do. We all struggle in life and work - but it is the struggle that gives us our reason for being. "Work" should not be a dirty word. We work hard. We struggle. We persevere. But we do it with E·N·T·H·U·S·I·A·S·M.


What Does Service REALLY Mean?

Around the globe, service means different thing s to different people, but overwhelmingly common is the desire to please and incite return visits — even without having to buy anything! There is the old Carnegie rule-of-thumb: "You don't sell a guy a car; you sell his family 10 cars over 10 years."


Neal Sellars

Neal  is recently licensed as an Architect in the state of California. We recognize him here for his great efforts at passing the ARE. Neal is our technical coordinator/director and provides in-house peer review. Neal is an extraordinary  architect with a great sense of teamwork and collaboration. He currently  leads our efforts with the SFUSD and is in charge of millions of dollars of projects under design and under construction. We are pleased to recognize Neal as he exemplifies everything that we want to be at Bartos Architecture.